Hello! I’m Danielle the “Girl Behind the Blog”.

AfterΒ 4 years of attending Fashion School in the Bay Area I received a BFA in Fashion. I enjoy sewing, but people always told me I was “too nice” for being a Fashion Major. I quickly realized that it’s more of a hobby and that going into the Industry was not my calling in life. While I still do not know my calling, I decided in 2014 to go back to my passion for makeup. I play with it a lot in High School but tapered off when College got crazy with classes. I started getting back into it and re-sparked my love for makeup, beauty, and all things creative. It’s been a great creative outlet and hobby with my day to day job. I have been so blessed and fulfilled creating this blog and my Youtube Channel. It all started with making an Instagram account. I wouldn’t change anything good or bad that’s come out of this and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my page!
XoXo Daniie B



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