Dollup Beauty Case Review!

Dollup Case 4.jpg

Hello Ladies & Gents!
I am currently in Cabo San Lucas for work and it’s absolutely stunning here!
There is lots of swimming happening so I knew I wasn’t going to be wearing makeup most of the trip!
I have been wanting this case by Doll Up Beauty for a while now but it seemed costly for something that I would may use a few times a year.
I ended up seeing this beauty on Zulily (which is where you should ALWAYS look for great beauty deals) and decided to take the plunge!

This post will JUST be a review on the case itself. If you want to know what’s in it.
Here is a separate post on “What’s in my Travel Bag” for this trip

Let’s get into it!
If you want just the quick pros/cons, scroll on down to the bottom!
This is the Mintea Blue Dollup Case 
It retails for $52.00 (Currently $49.00) on the Doll Up Website
I paid $31.00 for it on Zulily! (Great discount!)
There is ONE WHITE LEFT on Zulily, Click HERE! 🙂
Or you can always “heart” the brand to notify you next time they have a sale!


The outside is incredibly sturdy! It’s small but fairly thick and it has a clutch push button type opening. It’s beautiful and elegant looking that you could use it as a clutch! This would be great for a formal event to keep a lip gloss, your phone if you have a thin one, and keep a translucent powder pan for touch ups!


When you open the case you have two sides.
The left is a mirror which has all your pan products underneath and the right is for brushes!
I have put my brushes in upside down, but that’s because I was putting a few other small glosses and things between the brushes for traveling and wanted them secured towards the top.
Unfortunately there is a size limit for the brushes! In this case I have a mix of Sigma, Crown & Luxie. I tried my BH Cosmetics brushes and they were too long. Maybe something to keep in mine if you don’t have a variety of brushes. If you can buy small travel sizes it would be ideal and you would have more room at the bottom for a lipstick or gloss. There are 3 smaller loops for shadow brushes and 3 larger loops for face brushes. Also keep in mind the width. So that means not wide kabuki type brushes. Since there is a stretch you can fit more brushes, or if you want to not use the loops you can pack more next to each other. They won’t be going anywhere, just make sure you can CLOSE it! 🙂


When you pull up the tab from the mirror you will reveal the magnetic side. This holds and protects all your pans. This is best used for all your panned powder products. If you are like myself and don’t own a lot of single shadows, buy a cheaper palette and depot it for travel shadows. Some of these pans are from my “perfect travel face palette” which you can read about too! It’s a great alternative if this isn’t your thing!

I would say this palette holds a fair amount of shadows and I wanted to add different sizes to show the space and size. Also if you see the 4 pink marks on the back of the mirror they are from the Nyx Pink shadow. This shadow has raised pyramid shapes so this isn’t ideal for any 3D shaped pans. Also because the mirror is a flap, you can not place pans all the way across. Part of the pink marks is because the pan is too close to the left edge and when the flap goes down it pushes the pan up. I would say you can do about 2 of the medium sizes pans, and 3 of a regular eye shadow pan across. I would suggest pans that are great multi-taskers like the larger square. This is a bronzer, blush and highlight pan from Physicians formula.
** The Physicians Formula was broken when I tried to depot it, this wasn’t from traveling ** 


The last function of this case is the standing mirror. The mirror can be adjusted to stand up if you need to use it for on the go or if you do not have a good mirror. This takes place of bringing a specific compact or palette just because it has a good mirror. While I think this is a nifty feature for on the go, it isn’t very practical. If you are actually using this to do your makeup you will be going back and forth between taking it down to use your shadows or having to take all the pans out that you need before setting it up. This is not only time consuming, but also annoying. I wish there was a better way to set up the standing mirror or that the magnetic palette was removable or the mirror was. It really is more for if you packed a lip stick or gloss and need to reapply. The mirror it self is a great size and of good quality. No fun house mirrors here.

Here is the quick run down:

– Price (if purchased on Zulily/discounted)
– Sturdy
– Z Palette & Brush Holder in one!
– Looks elegant, can use as a clutch
– Great big mirror for on the go
–  Perfect for Travel
– Room for everything you need for minimal looks

– Not all brushes fit the case
(BH Cosmetics for example)
– Using the mirror while doing makeup is not practical
– Can not hold 3D powder pans
-You have to hold the mirror up to get to the pans every time

I think this product is a 50/50 with me. I like the concept, it’s compact and holds everything I need in one place. Unfortunately the practicality of putting on your makeup with access to the shadows and the mirror is a little frustrating. I think it’s a great travel palette or for on the go, but I wouldn’t be using this at home.

Thanks for reading my Post!
Please share your thoughts in the comments below!
Let me know if you’ll be getting this product!
Xx Daniie B




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