Today I Am: September \\ Life Update

Hello Ladies & Gents!
So I know I’m failing with these monthly posts, I’m going to put it in my bullet journal to make sure I do them! I didn’t realize it’s been since June! Oops! Too much has been going on. Quick life update if you care 🙂

I was taking online grad classes & I was overwhelmed and when I mean overwhelmed I was having to read about 80-100 pages in 2 days plus assignments plus my 50-60 hour a week job. On top of that trying to squeeze in a tiny social life with my boyfriend and was dealing with lots of personal family things. After losing my grandpa in April my grandma’s health took a turn for the worst. They were married for 60 years and never had a day apart. It was too hard on her to lose her life partner. Among all the school and general life stress, it was hard to get daily updates on my grandma’s failing health while being away in the bay area and not at home. I was barely able to shoot videos with the little light I got on the weekends and with school and life issues, I was barely getting enough time to edit them. Of course with this, my blog and Instagram suffered as well. My grandma passed away on August 23rd which happened to also be my birthday. It’s been a tough last few months since my grandpa’s passing and now with my grandma that I just needed to take a break from social media and focus my attention towards my family. While I love makeup and social media, this is a hobby and family comes first. I have started a new grad school as I wasn’t 100% happy with my previous one so the work load is a little more manageable. I’m only on week 3, but so far so good! My grandma’s service will be this Friday so I won’t be having to prep or help family out as much and hopefully can get my life back on track to continue posting. I’m sorry if that was a lot, but I figured I should tell you guys. I didn’t post it anywhere else or when it happened. I didn’t want a pity party and I don’t feel the need to post sad posts, but now that I have coped and I’m trying to celebrate life and their lives I don’t mind sharing. If you made it this far THANK YOU! Now let’s get into my Today I Am!

September 2016 // Today I Am…

Making : an outfit wishlist! I’m trying to look for key pieces for a staples capsule wardrobe. Send me your favorite key pieces in the comments or stores for great long lasting staples!

Cooking : nothing, but I made myself a smoothie! Yum!
Drinking :my smoothie! It’s my cafe latte shakeo, strawberries, blueberries, banana, cinnamon, and cocoa nibs 🙂 It’s sooo delicious!
Reading: My school book called “Melanie” It’s a autobiography about a mother’s account of having a child with a disability.
Burning: nothing…but really thinking I need to get some new Bath & Body works candles!
Wanting: This day to be over! I’m on day 10 of working in a row! I’m pooped!
Looking: for the perfect going out jacket. Something I can throw on with anything that looks great and put together but not too fussy…any suggestions?
Wishing: I wasn’t going home for my grandmother’s funeral this weekend, instead of visiting them… 😦
Enjoying: Peace and quiet during nap time 🙂
Listening:to the neighbors getting a new roof…. -_- Not sure how the kids sleep through this!
Liking:My alone time right now…it’s so nice to just do nothing, drink my shake and write this post. It’s the little things in life right?!
Wondering: If I should work out now or when I get home from work?
Wearing: These amazing Lulu Lemon Leggings. Everyone NEEDS these! They have POCKETS! No more sitting on your phone or loosing your phone out of your pockets!
Following: Yoga instagrams! I’m really inspired and want to get back into it! Tell me your favorite yogies!
Thinking: about going home and snuggling up on the coach with my boyfriend watching The Americans! So good!
Knowing: I may have extra time to post more is making me excited!
Opening:up your blog posts to catch up on reading! I haven’t had much time to post and that also means I’m WAYYYY behind on reading your posts! Sorry!
Feeling: tired from the long work day, but also sooo much energy from my shakeo!

Any comments or feel free to fill out the Today I am and answer yours in the comments! I’d love to know what you are up to!

— Xx Daniie B

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