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Hello Hello! I hope you all are doing well! 🙂


I wanted to do a quick post on some of the products I’ve been currently loving!
I guess you could call this a

Laura Geller 
Spackle Mattifying Oil Control Primer
Size: 2.0 oz
Price: $32.00

Why I love it: This is the first mattifying primer that my skin likes! My skin hates mattifying primers and trust me I’ve tried the Benefit Porefessional and the amazing Becca Primer. Both made my skin extra oily which is contradicting the claim of the product. While my face still isn’t 100% in love with mattifying primers this is the best one I’ve tried so far! I’ve also been doing more minimal makeup and no makeup days more often and this works BEST on my no makeup days! I can put this on and my face will stay oil free all day with no makeup! I’m in LOVE!
You can find it here!

Better Skin Concealer
Size: .25 oz
Price: $8.99 (At Ulta, but can vary)

Why I love it: I’m starting a new movement with oily skin! Well I’m not big enough to create a trend but if you have oily skin it’s worth a try! My skin has been much better lately thanks to this concealer. If you are unfamiliar with the Better Skin line it is made to correct and target acne with Actyl-C. Ulta’s website claims it can reduce spots and imperfections in 3 weeks. This claim proves true as you would think using makeup everyday would block your pores and create breakouts. Since it contains the correcter my skin has looked better the longer I wear it. Also I’ve been combating oil by just using this concealer as a foundation…that’s right you read that right. CONCEALER AS A FULL FACE FOUNDATION! I’m able to wear less concealer and my skin looks better and stays oil free for much longer! If you have foundation that breaks up on your nose then instead of foundation use a concealer instead. I decided to do this all over my face and I haven’t looked back. I haven’t used foundation in over a month! This concealer looks natural and gives a great medium to full coverage!
You can find it here!

&& lastly…

Gimme Brow
Size: 0.1 oz
Price: $24.00

Why I love it: This is my 2nd gimme brow so that tells you something! My 1st one was way past the expiration and was in the old packaging. I purchased the new one. While I think the new packaging is fun, I also think it’s weirdly shaped but it’s not a deal breaker. Everything is the same in terms of the wand and the formula. It’s water resistant, long lasting and buildable. It doesn’t leave your brows crunchy! I love using this for more natural brows as it is a tinted mascara with fibers. It fills in your brows gives them a little color and volume. If you are into natural brows or on minimal makeup days just need something quick to groom your brows and give them a little color than this is perfect for you! It’s also tiny and is great for traveling!
You can find it here!

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    • Yes! Just use the tiniest bit and push it into the skin. You still might get oily, but it’s nothing a blotting paper can’t take care of. But without makeup it’s a lifesaver for me 🙂 Thanks for commenting girl! I hope all is well ! 🙂

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